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Roguelike Games

Matt Craighead's Utumno forum hosts discussion about this exact game.

The Roguelike Games News Page is a fairly new attempt to gather all the latest news about roguelike games in one spot. Utumno's releases have been mentioned on it.

ORCS! is a highly ambitious attempt to produce a language and environment suited for programming roguelike games. Some of its goals overlap with my long-term Utumno goals.

The Official Angband Home Page is the official page for the game that Utumno is based on. It's more of a developer's page than a user's page.

The Unofficial Angband Home Page is an end-user-centric page for Angband, on the other hand.

The MAngband Home Page is about MAngband, an attempt to add multiplayer capabilities to Angband. Multiplayer is one significant goal of mine for Utumno.

There are several roguelike game newsgroups worth reading. First and foremost, rec.games.roguelike.angband, which has the highest amount of Utumno-related content (remember, Angband is very similar a game, at least right now). Another is rec.games.roguelike.misc.


Blizzard's Diablo Page: offers some basic game information about Diablo, a game similar to Utumno in many ways. It features some good screenshots.


The Two Towers MUD is a great Tolkien MUD. My character's name is Zorgon.

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