Anyone, known or unknown by the Developers, who contributes a universal commodity (money, meal coupons, gold, etc.) to further the progress of Project Utumno. Sponsors have access to public forums and read-access to the Development forum. Responses to posts in the Development section of the forum should be emailed or private-messaged to one of the Developers or Creators. A Sponsor's decisions and suggestions are weighed heavily, but they must contend with the decision of other Contributors, Creators, and Developers. Sponsors are encouraged to suggest ideas and concepts as they clearly have a interest in the success of the game. In the event the game produces revenue, donations are not connected to compensation or earning revenue shares. To become a Sponsor, visit the Donate section of the main site (http://utumno.medicinestorm.com/index.php?area=Donate) or contact us at utumno@medicinestorm.com about donating something. Currently, the minimum is anything valued at 5 U.S. Dollars or more. You may donate less than that if you wish, but it doesn't come with an automatic promotion to the Sponsor rank. Sponsors may be invited to participate in beta tests of the game. Sponsors may be granted a free early copy of the game. This is an open group, members can apply to join.


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