Thick and Juicy website update

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Thick and Juicy website update

Postby MedicineStorm » Thu Oct 29, 2009 7:29 am

Finally, a thick and juicy website update! I would say a "much needed update" but we actually didn't really need it... Besides, everyone says "much needed update". However, the improvements sure are nice! See the update details below:

  • Signin functionality improved:
    • Signing into the Main Site automatically signs you in to the Forum as well.
    • Signing into the Forum automatically signs you in to the Main Site as well.
    • Clicking Forum links to areas of the Main Site (like downloadable files, etc.) no longer require you to re-login to the Main Site before continuing.
    • Your Main Site username and password is the same as your Forum username and password. If they were different before, use the Forum login information for both the Forum and the Main Site.
    • You can opt to have the Main Site as well as the Forum automatically log you in each visit. No need to type your username and password every time you visit the site! You must have cookies enabled for this function to work properly.

  • Downloads section redesigned:
    • All artwork, music, sound, code, story concepts, game geography, game clients, screenshots, and other materials are now categorized according to the Everything Class concept.
    • Everything under the Development Material category is closed to the public. You must be logged in as a ranking member to access these materials.
    • Nifty new graphics for easy navigation:
      • Click on the +Image or -Image vines to expand or collapse each category like a tree-view.
      • Any new files or materials that have been uploaded since your last visit will have a "New"Image image next to them making it easy to quickly navigate to any fresh material.
      • A small UpLoad arrow Image will appear next to any category you have access to upload files to. Click the wooden arrow to upload a new file to that section.
      • When viewing a list of downloadable files click on the small Edit Image or Delete Image images in the "Owner" column beneath your username to edit that file's settings or remove it from the downloads section. You must have been the user that uploaded the file for the images to appear.

    • All download section permissions are individualized by rank and user. By default, access is as restrictive as possible. If you feel you should have access to an area that is restricted to you, send me a PM or email and I will have no issues with granting access to that area. See the Permissions improvement section below for more details.
    • A progress message is now displayed when uploading large files. This makes it obvious that your browser is not frozen and is, in fact, uploading your file.
    • You can now "preview" sound and music files before downloading them. Clicking on the Play button Image will load a popup window that plays a short clip of the audio.

  • Security and Permissions improved and tightened:
    • Back-end file system is entirely read-only.
    • Access to various areas of the site are determined by individual login or rank. Ranking members have access to the areas that pertain to their talents and specializations. No one person has access to all areas of the site, not even the site administrator. (Although I have the ability to give myself access to all areas of the site, I have not done so and it is intentionally difficult to do so)
    • See the Ranks and Access topic if you are interested in becoming a ranking member.
    • As mentioned above, your Main Site username and password is the same as your Forum username and password. If they were different before, use the Forum login information for both the Forum and the Main Site.
    • By default, all ranking members have access to only the areas that are of obvious import to that rank or user. If you are interested in accessing areas that you currently do not have access to, just tell one of the Developers the specific area you would like to access. We will most likely have no problem granting you permission into the additional areas.

  • Donate section added:
    • People have been asking if they can contribute by throwing some pocket change at the project, so we have added a Donate section.
    • Donating is hosted by PayPal. Trusted and completely secure.
    • Donate with a credit card, debit card, or a paypal account.
    • Get special access to view game materials, development forums, and voting privledges as a Sponsor when you donate. See the Donate section for details.
    • Donate $5, $10, or even 45 cents. Any amount is welcome.

  • Check for updates at a glance:
    • You can now see if there is any new content at a glance of the Main page.
    • Any updated sections, new news announcements, new download material, or even a new post on the forum or a new private message in your inbox will be indicated by a "NEW" image next to that section.
    • If you aren't logged in, anything new in the last week will light up the "NEW" indicators Image and Image
    • If you are logged in, anything that has been added or updated since the last time you logged in will light up the "New" indicators.
    • A "NEW" image next to a link indicates that section has new content. A "NEW" image next to a button indicates that area has an update or new content.

  • Cue Sheet section coming soon!:
    • Soon we will have a developer cue sheet on the Main Site to help us organize all the requests for various game components.
    • Please discuss the final design and ask any questions on this topic quickly before it is finalized and implemented.

Since the whole site has been overhauled, you may come across broken links or missing images. Please post details of any broken links, images, or features here in this topic thread. Post here any questions or comments regarding these updates.
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Re: Thick and Juicy website update

Postby Jtan » Thu Nov 05, 2009 7:11 pm

Yay, I think I'm the first to post :P! Awesome updates Medicinestorm, website looks great I really like the added graphics. Thanks for all your hard work! I'm really happy to be back!
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Re: Thick and Juicy website update

Postby MrSchaa » Thu Nov 05, 2009 8:42 pm

Flippin Sweet! This looks awesome, great to have it all back and the updates as well. I am also proud to say that i am caught up on the posts and ready to keep up i hope. Also excited to be back to hopefully participating.

thanks Storm
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