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The purpose of these forums is to share ideas, discuss issues, and troubleshoot problems with the Project Utumno game and all related stuffs. Open-mindedness, helpfulness and creativity are the goals. There are some things that hinder these goals. Because of this, a few guidelines must be set:

  1. No spamming or shameless advertising. We say "shameless" because promotion of your ideas and creative work is fine, but only if it relates to the topic at hand, Project Utumno, or is helpful in general to the discussion. If you spam the forums with pointless drivel or plug your product/website/service without it being related to the topic, your post will be deleted and you will be warned once. If you continue, you will be hunted down, verbally fonged, and digitally assassinated.

  2. No flaming or threatening. If you clearly posses an intellect that is far superior to another user, don't waste keystrokes telling them how stupid they are, instead help enlighten them in a polite way. learning and teaching is good, but driving people away from these forums because you are a jerk about it will not be tolerated. If you make ad hominem attacks or threaten another user you will be warned. If you continue, you may be banned from the forums.

  3. Please make your post relevant to the topic. If you want to post something that is not relevant to the topic, find the right topic and post it there, or make a new topic in the most relevant sub-forum. When making a new topic, please use a descriptive topic subject line. Subject text like "Newbie with a question" or "This is one idea I had" do not help anyone know what that topic is actually about. If you want to talk about something that does not fit into any of the other forums, post in the Off-Topic forum. It is discouraging to people who are trying to find an answer when they have to wade through several pages of unrelated rants about how politics effects the weather.

  4. Please read the Frequently Asked Questions section and search the existing posts before posting new topics. The topic you have may have already been addressed. If you post a question that has already been answered or post a topic that already exists elsewhere, you may be politely redirected to the other post by one of the other users.

  5. Non-answers will be ignored or removed. If someone asks a question, answer the question or don't respond. If you need clarification on the question or want to supplement the question with a similar issue of your own, that is fine. However, you will be asked to edit or remove the following types of responses:
    "Read the FAQ before posting, moron."
    "want the answer? Google it!"
    "I'm not going to do your homework for you."
    "Read a book on this topic."
    You may suggest relevant resources and link to other posts or websites that relate very well to the topic at hand, but please include a description of the resource and a few helpful pointers to get them started.

  6. Please observe the general rules of Netiquette. (Please don't type in all caps, don't edit your posts without indicating a reason for the edit, don't quote an entire post in a reply, etc.)

  7. Don't "cheat". Registering multiple accounts, exploiting flaws in the voting system (forum polls) or cue sheet system, conspiring with other users to gain an unfair and unintended advantage in polls or the cue sheet system, impersonating another member, claiming to be or making it appear as if you are of a different rank, falsifying awards, scamming other members, or any other dishonest or deceptive behavior on the forums will be met with swift retribution.

  8. "Condemnation without recommendation" is unhelpful and strongly discouraged. Providing feedback is good, but if you say you dislike something but don't suggest an alternative then we can only assume you are recommending whatever it is you are opposing be eradicated entirely... which is usually ridiculous, annoying, and contemptuously ignored. E.g.
    "I don't like the game's magic system."
    Since removing the magic system entirely isn't feasible, this is not helpful and is really just complaining. If you just can't fathom the purpose of some design or decision that seems dumb, ask for a clarifying explanation. You are encouraged to speak up if you are opposed to something, but don't just condemn it without recommending a better alternative. Observe:
    "I don't like the game's magic system. I think it would be better if it used a mana pool instead of spell slots."
    This doesn't guarantee the community will agree with your suggestion, but bashing someone else's ideas without providing any of your own will certainly accomplish nothing.

We will warn you if you break these rules, but if you continue to break them after being warned, you could be banned.
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