*Disclaimer on submission of materials

    Any ideas, artwork, music, sound effects, themes, code, etc. submitted will be treated as the property of the artist or author who originally created it. However, sending us materials constitutes granting permission for us to use that material in the manner we deem most useful (pending any conditions of the author's) so please do not submit materials if you do not have authority to grant us such permissions.

    Obviously you, the artist, will get all the credit you are due if you submit something for us to use. We're not going to steal your stuff and claim we did all the work, but we want you to understand that if we use it, we have to be able to alter or adapt it so it will work with the rest of the game in the best way it can. If you later decide you don't want us to use your material we will do our best to remove it from the game and give it back, but we don't want to get sued if someone decides they want their stuff taken out after the game has been released.

    When submitting materials, please state any conditions you may have for the use of the material. Also, please provide contact information like an email address and the author's name/handle so we can give them kudos in the credits. The best way to submit things is via email to utumno@medicinestorm.com. Thanks for the help.