Medicine Storm
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  • Technical Support
  • Helping out
    • We would love to incorporate any ideas, suggestions, artwork, sound effects, music, code, materials, etc. that you want to submit to the game. Send ideas and materials to
    • Some things you send us might not be used, but we'll try. Please read the legal stuff if you want to submit ideas or materials.
    • If you want to help us make this game the best game it can be, or if you just really believe in this cause, donations of any amount are accepted and appreciated. Visit our Donations page or contact us at for more information.
  • Developers/Beta testers
    • Want to be a developer and help us create the Project Utumno game? Tell us how you can help and why you want to be a developer on this project by emailing us at None of us are getting paid (yet... if we ever do get paid, all developers will share in the booty... yhar!) We just want to make this game for the fun of it. If you have a similar passion for making games like this, we are currently looking for:
      • Fantasy artists to create landscapes, ambiance art, tiles, characters, etc.
      • Programmers eager to learn new languages (java, DarkBASIC, BlitzMax, C++, whatever)
      • Sound Engineers/Musicians to create sound effects and music for the game.
    • Want to help us test the game when we get to the beta phase? Tell us why you love games like this and why you should be the first one to play this one by emailing us at