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(published: Thu Dec 13, 2012 1:41 pm)
We have a new fan page! If you like what you see here, show your enthusiasm by liking us on Facebook: We'll announce big updates and new features there as well. Visit, subscribe, share, or post scathing hate-filled comments ridiculing our moms and/or sexual habits! As long as you're a fanatic, you're welcome!
(published: Wed Sep 12, 2012 2:05 pm)
Cue Sheet system auto-notifications
Want to stay informed about new Cues? Need to know when someone finishes one of your requests? Now you don't have to comb through the Cue Sheet looking for changes... Although you still can if you want. The Cue Sheet will now automatically notify you of important updates to any Cues you are involved with.
  • Personalized notification preferences. Adjust the conditions that determine when and why you will receive notifications. Visit the forum user control panel profile page for a full list of preferences.
  • Notifications are sent via email, so make sure your contact email address is up to date.
  • This feature is only available to ranking members. To become a ranking member click here and follow the instructions.
Please post comments, questions, or issues on this forum topic.
(published: Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:00 am)
Interactivity and Dialogue Demo -
Progress update
Although we've had some demo game engines before, none of them were truly playable. The previous demos were really just for testing character movement and geographical layout. The Up-and-coming Interactivity & Dialogue Demo will be a fully playable demonstration. The demo is about 50% done and picking up momentum continually. Some of the features it will have are:
  • Can you solve the riddle of this old dwarven text? Interactive environment - Inspect objects to get a detailed description of them. Search for hidden doors, traps, and treasures. Throw switches to activate mechanical devices remotely. Stand near water to enhance your water elemental spells. Jam a door shut to hinder monsters in pursuit.
  • Combat - Basic melee and spells. Select a weapon or spell, move into range, click the enemy to attack. Damage, speed, cooldown time, etc. calculated based on character stats and equipment.
  • Inventory - Pick up treasure, equip armor and weapons, buy and sell items from various shops.
  • Dialogue - Speak to NPCs. Just a few dialogue choices can result in hundreds of different discussions. Steer the conversation to your advantage, but beware; the things you say can have lasting effects! The story script for this demo is separate from the game's main storyline. However, a playable demo of the official prologue will follow shortly after the release of this demo.
  • No 'Kill 10 snakes' quests here! Quests - Help your neighbor and be rewarded for your efforts... or hinder your neighbor instead and be rewarded in other ways. Solve puzzles to find treasures of outrageous fortune. If you are tired of the kind of quests that babysit you the whole way - "Go to the blinking dot on your map. Kill whatever you find there. Return to the new blinking dot for easy XP" - You will not be dissapointed. This may only be a small demo, but we intend to put the "Role Playing" back in "Role Playing Game". Sufficient clues are provided for every quest, but if you can't role-play a character enough to pay attention to those clues, it is unlikely you will ever solve these puzzels!
These features will not reflect the full glory that you can expect from the final release. We will continually add, enhance, and refine the content you will see in this demo right up until the game is finished. To help speed the process along, ranking members should check this out. To become a ranking member click here and follow the instructions.
(published: Mon Apr 18, 2011 4:53 pm)
Cue Sheet system + site updates
The Cue Sheet system is up and working. Ranking members can start using it right away. Check out the Cue Sheet help page for information on what it is and how to use it. Now for the "plus":
  • The graphics of the main site have been reworked so they look better and load faster.
  • Forum software, anti-spam software, and RSS feed software have been updated with the latest community enhancements and security upgrades.
  • Main site has been recoded to make it more compatible with a broad spectrum of browsers.
  • If you have any questions or comments about the Cuesheet system or if you see any errors (grammatical or systemic) while using it, please post in the new "Cues and Cue Sheet" forum category.
  • The Cue Sheet system and the "Cues and Cue Sheet" forum are only available to ranking members who are logged in. If you would like to become a ranking member, sign up on the forum or send an email to
  • The special user "CouncilOfElders" has been created.
To see the complete list of changes or to discuss this update, please visit this topic.
(published: Sun Feb 21, 2010 9:59 pm)
Forum Upgrade
          The Forum section has been improved in several areas:
  • The overall look and feel has been drastically changed to match the theme of the main website. (It looks less depressing, too!)
  • The user registration has been updated with ReCaptcha to make it even MORE difficult for automatic registration bots (auto-spammers) to sign up on the forum.
  • The forum is linked with, a massive database that tracks known spammers.
  • A new section of the forum has been created. The Vault. All old posts that are no longer relevant, or posts that no one is posting on anymore, will be moved to The Vault.
  • The forum has been updated with many small but significant code changes that improve it's overall functionality.
To discuss this change or suggest improvements on it, please visit this topic.
(published: Wed Nov 04, 2009 12:00 am)
Thick and Juicy Site Update is complete!
          Thank you all for your patience as the website was improved. The new features are:
  • Main site login and Forum login are now the same. Signing into one automatically signs into the other as well.
  • The Downloads section has been redesigned according to the Everything Class concept.
  • By popular request, a Donate section has been added.
  • Security and permissions has been redesigned and tightened. See this forum thread for details.
  • You can now see if there is any new content at a glance of the main page. Any areas that have changed since your last visit will have a New indicator. You must be logged in for the site to know who you are and when you last visited.
The full detailed list of changes can be seen and discussed on the forum here.
(published: Tue Jun 09, 2009 6:19 pm)
Project Utumno Map Editor and Game Client Demo v1.1.8 Released
          Available to ranking Developers and Creators only. Sorry fans. Soon, I promise. If you are interested in joining the team, let us know on the forum. Compile your maps with the new Map Editor and explore said maps with the new Game Client Demo!

Details, instructions and discussion on the Map Editor version 1.1.8 can be found here.
Details, instructions and discussion on the Game Client Demo version 1.1.8 can be found here.

The latest version of the Map Editor can be downloaded here.
The latest version of the Game Client Demo can be downloaded here.
(published: Tue May 26, 2009 12:00 pm)
We are now the official maintainers of Utumno
          Yes, we have always been the maintainers of PROJECT Utumno, but now we also maintain the code for the old isometric roguelike game Utumno by Matt Craighead. Although M.C. Utumno is not the same as Project Utumno, we have decided to include it for several reasons:
1.) Although it was never finished, it is a fun game and worth completing.
2.) M.C. Utumno is similar in many ways to what we have in mind for Project Utumno.
3.) We get a lot of fans asking us where they can download the old Utumno game.

For the sake of history and as a tribute, we have restored and updated Matt Craighead's original Utumno site (previously The archive site can be visited at The latest version of the game can be found in the Downloads section of the Archive site.
(published: Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:24 pm)
Last Chance For The Mini-Avatar Contest
          Download the Character Avatar Demo and create as many mini-avatars as you want. Upload them in the Charactar Avatar area of the Downloads section to participate in the Mini-Avatar Making Contest. The deadline for submissions is Midnight, March 27th, 2009. The prize for first place is a 2007 Shelby GT-500!
(published: Thu Jan 22, 2009 4:30 pm)
Character Avatar Demo
          A new demo application is available in the Downloads section. The Character Avatar Demo is a proof-of-concept application demonstrating our ability to allow the player to create custom appearances for their characters.

          The demo can be downloaded here. Discussion about the new demo can be seen here.
(published: Thu Jan 22, 2009 3:41 pm)
Downloads Section Updates
          The Derived Tiles section has been removed since the Map Editor's new QuickTiles make Derived Tiles obsolete.

          A Mini-Avatars section has been added to the Downloads area so Developers and Creators can show off their mini character avatars crated with the Character Avatar Demo.

          The tables that display all the screenshots, all the map files, etc. now have a small [-] symbol at the top of the table so you can close the table again after opening it. Check it out. All items in these tables now display the most recent items first by default.
(published: Sun Jan 11, 2009 12:05 am)
News Section Implemented
          The News section of the site is finally up and running. Now you can see all important updates in one glance. The most recent news article will also be displayed in the Home section.

          Project Utumno is really starting to gain momentum. The Artists are making avatars and draft versions of characters. Creators are cranking out lots of dungeon concepts. Programmers are working on some proof-of-concept applications like Flash Client Demos and Build-Your-Own-Avatar programs. There is a lot of activity on the Development Forum on topics like game mechanics and story lines. Keep up the good work, guys!